Take Control of Your Healthcare – NxGen MDx Hereditary Cancer Panel

As many as 1 in 4 Americans have a personal or family history of cancer that could indicate an inherited genetic component that should be considered when managing their cancer risk. With the NxGen MDx Hereditary Cancer Panel, you can determine if you are at an increased risk based on your genetics and get a comprehensive report with valuable information for you and your healthcare provider.

What is Hereditary Cancer Testing?

While cancer is typically considered to be caused by a combination of biological, environmental and lifestyle factors, there is another component: genetic variants (changes in a gene) that you may have inherited from your parents.

Your personal and family history of cancer can help you determine whether or not hereditary cancer testing might be right for you. Examples of a strong personal or family history of cancer can include:

  • Cancer at an early age
  • Diagnosis of specific cancers
  • The presence of rare cancers
  • Multiple relatives with the same type of cancer
  • One relative diagnosed with multiple primary cancers

The Hereditary Cancer Panel

The Hereditary Cancer Panel gives you a personalized risk assessment of your chance to develop hereditary cancer in your lifetime. This curated panel of 32 genes has been designed to give you clear and actionable information that you and your healthcare provider can use to develop a risk management plan. 


    Your risk assessment may change how often you get screenings and procedures done to detect cancer. Generally, the earlier that cancer is detected the more effective treatment will be.


    You and your healthcare provider may choose to have early preventative procedures, risk reducing surgeries, or medication to help prevent cancer from developing.


    Your risk assessment not only provides you with your lifetime risk for hereditary cancer but can also serve as a powerful education tool for your family, allowing them to take action and develop their own risk management plans.

    Access for All

    We want the genetic testing to be affordable for everyone. If you are uninsured or think you will have difficulty paying for your screening or testing, our Access for All Program may be able to help.

    Interested in the NxGen MDx Hereditary Cancer Panel?

    To see if you might be eligible for hereditary cancer testing, you can click here to download a family history questionnaire that you can fill out and email to your doctor.

    How as the NxGen MDx Hereditary Cancer Panel Benefitted Others?

    My genetic counselor spoke with me for an hour regarding my genetic test results. Her approach as well as her depth of knowledge were very impressive and helped me understand the implications of the results. She went above and beyond answering my questions for family planning purposes.


    Staff was knowledgeable and were able to explain things in laymen’s terms so I could understand the results. Stacy was patient and thoughtful; I will definitely recommend NxGen MDx to everyone.


    The genetic counselor I had was very knowledgeable and eased my mind on all potential questions! Was courteous and professional and made sure no stone was left unturned with potential risks. Very happy I got the tests!


    Casey, our genetic counselor, was very communicative, personable, and knowledgeable. She explained our test results in a clear and easy-to-understand way while addressing our concerns so that out minds could be at ease. Many thanks and we highly recommend.


    In addition to providing all the facts and information I was curious about, the genetic counselors created a comfortable space for conversation about the more personal aspects of my motivations and implications for the results from the screening.


    Clear and Actionable Inherited Cancer Risk Assessment

    Some cancers are hereditary, meaning that your patients can inherit genetic variants which can increase the risk of developing certain cancers in their lifetime.

    Patients with a strong family history of cancer should be screened. Some indications for a strong family history of cancer include:

    • Cancer at an early age.
    • The presence of rare cancers such as ovarian or male breast cancer.
    • Multiple relatives with the same type of cancer.
    • One relative diagnosed with multiple primary cancers.

    Screen & Evaluate

    Paper & digital tools are available to identify patients who meet testing criteria. 1 in 4 patients who screen are likely to meet criteria.


    NxGen MDx’s Hereditary Cancer Panel screens for 32 genes recommended by the National Comprehensive Cancer Network (NCCN).


    Clinical management support includes pre- and post-test genetic counseling and reports detailing current NCCN management recommendations.

    NxGen MDx Hereditary Cancer Testing in Your Practice

    If you are interested in offering NxGen MDx hereditary cancer testing in your practice or want to know more about us, click below to contact a NxGen MDx representative.