About Us

The NxGen MDX office and laboratory is located within Grand Rapids’ prestigious medical corridor and offers patients the very best and brightest minds in the genetics field. Known for drawing researchers, scientists, and patients from all over the world, this hub of medical knowledge ensures our reliable, advanced methodologies stay ahead of the curve.

As a proud, Michigan-based company, we source our equipment and supplies from the United States whenever we can.

Best-In-Class Science for Unmatched Accuracy

Since our founding in 2012, we have continually updated our technologies to keep pace with advances in genetic research and screening techniques. Our screens rely on next-generation sequencing that delivers over 99% accuracy clinical detection rates for most conditions. This powerful technique looks at entire coding regions of genes rather than the abbreviated sequencing or genotyping techniques used by other genetic screening companies. And because we detect genetic pathogenic variants that can be missed by abbreviated screening technologies, you can count on your NxGen MDx screening results to give you a highly accurate, comprehensive assessment of your true risk and ultimately, better outcomes for you and your family.

Our History


NxGen MDx was Founded

  • Opened at GVSU Cook-DeVos Center in August
  • Launched tests for cystic fibrosis and spinal muscular atrophy
  • Launched first panel, the Ashkenazi Jewish Panel
  • Moved to 801 Broadway Ave location in December


New Tests and Territories

  • Partnered with Alere Women’s Health
  • Expanded product line with the Essential Panel, Universal Panel, and Ariosa Harmony NIPS


Bigger Panels and Space

  • Launched Super Panel, a test for 113 genetic conditions
  • Doubled headquarter space to 12,000 square feet
  • Launched preimplantation genetic testing options


A Growing Company

  • 50 full-time employees as of January
  • Developed the NxGen MDx Informed Prenatal Test
  • Rolled out new branding
  • Launched a new CRM platform
  • Enabled cross functional automation
  • Opened Clarity location in Fort Lauderdale, FL


Major Expansion

  • Expanded headquarters by 21,000 square feet to occupy space on two floors at 801 Broadway


Growing and Improving

  • Implemented an ancestry test as an add on to NIPS
  • Launched the Fetal Gender Test
  • Launched the Hereditary Cancer Panel
  • Implemented AMI tagging to track samples and prevent lab errors


Urogenital Pathogen Testing

  • Launched a UTI test and a test for vaginosis, vaginitis, and Group B Streptococcus
  • Launched the Ultra Panel, a screen for over 400 genetic conditions


Respiratory Pathogen Testing

  • Launched PCR and antigen COVID-19 testing
  • Launched the Respiratory Pathogens Panel for the many flu season pathogens that overlap with COVID-19 symptoms
  • Opened pop-up COVID-19 testing sites in Grand Rapids, Holland, and Ft. Lauderdale


New Carrier Screening Panel

  • Launched the Early Advantage Panel carrier screen


New Urogenital Pathogen Panel

  • Launched the Advanced UTI Panel

Make a Difference with a Fulfilling Career

We’re always looking for passionate and entrepreneurial individuals to join our team.