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Paying For Your Test

NxGen MDx strives to provide an outstanding patient experience through our high-quality genetic testing, personalized customer service, and transparent billing practices. If your doctor orders one of NxGen MDx’s tests, you will be presented with two payment options: insurance and cash pay.

Insurance Pay

When you’re using health insurance to pay for the test, NxGen MDx will send a claim to your insurance provider. Once the claim has been sent, paying the cash rate is no longer an option.

When your insurance receives this claim, they will then calculate your out-of-pocket cost. You may receive an Explanation of Benefits (EOB) document detailing all of the charges related to your claim. This EOB is not a bill. Once your portion of the payment has been calculated by your insurance provider, NxGen MDx will send you a statement for the amount you owe.

Cash Rate

Each NxGen MDx test has a cash rate. This is for those who don’t have insurance or have an extremely high deductible. If you choose to pay for the test yourself, NxGen MDx will send you a bill at the cash rate before you are tested.

Access For All Program

If you think you will have trouble paying for testing, you can apply for the Access for All Program, which can reduce the cost of testing for eligible patients based on income level and household size.

Special Financing with CareCredit

NxGen MDx proudly accepts the CareCredit credit card to help you finance your healthcare needs. Now you can can pay your bill from NxGen MDx online with CareCredit and choose from special financing options that may not be available with other credit cards.

Billing FAQs

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What is the accuracy rate?

NxGen MDx offers some of the world’s most accurate tests for detecting genetic markers. As further assurance, many doctors only rely on best-in-class NxGen MDx genetic screening as their trusted tools for early family planning, giving couples peace of mind and a better outlook for the years ahead.

How is the test performed?

NxGen MDx utilizes the best available laboratory methods to perform testing on blood samples from each patient. A blood sample will be collected at your doctor’s office and then sent to the NxGen MDx laboratory. Additional testing may be recommended if preliminary results indicate you or your partner is a carrier for any of the tested conditions.

I have no family history of genetic disease. Am I still at risk?

Yes, the reality is that any person of childbearing age could be a carrier for a genetic condition, even without a family history of the disease. A carrier can pass any of these conditions on to their children. NxGen MDx utilizes state-of-the-art technology to provide you and your physician with the most accurate information to help you make educated family planning decisions.

What happens if my partner and I are at risk for having a child with a genetic disease?

Should test results indicate a positive risk, there are many options available to you. If you are planning to become pregnant, consider prevention options, such as in vitro fertilization or using donor eggs or sperm from an individual who is not a carrier. Other couples may choose to adopt a child. If you are pregnant, prenatal diagnostic tests will determine whether your baby is affected by the disorder and allow you to start targeted treatment right from birth to improve your baby’s health outcomes. Your doctor or a NxGen MDx genetic counselor can discuss these options in detail regarding your specific carrier status.