Paying for Your Test

NxGen MDx strives to provide an outstanding patient experience through our high-quality genetic testing, personalized customer service, and transparent billing practices. If your doctor orders one of NxGen MDx’s tests, you will be presented with two payment options: insurance and self-pay.

Insurance Pay

When you using health insurance to pay for the test, NxGen MDx will send a claim to your insurance provider. Once the claim has been sent, self-pay is no longer an option.

When your insurance receives this claim, they will then calculate your out-of-pocket cost. You may receive an Explanation of Benefits (EOB) document detailing all of the charges related to your claim. This EOB is not a bill. Once your portion of the payment has been calculated by your insurance provider, NxGen MDx will send you a statement for the amount you still owe.


Each NxGen MDx test has a self-pay price for those who either do not have or do not wish to use health insurance. If you choose to pay for the test yourself, NxGen MDx will send you a bill at the self-pay rate before you are tested.

Access for All Program

If you think you will have trouble paying for testing, you can apply for the Access for All Program, which can reduce the cost of testing for eligible patients based on income level and household size. NxGen MDx also offers interest-free payment plans.

Contact our billing team to see if NxGen MDx's services qualify under your health plan. Our billing team can be contacted a, or give us a call at 855-776-9436 ext. 1 if you have any questions about the billing process. Please do NOT contact your healthcare provider with billing questions or concerns.