Take Charge of Your Vaginal Health

You know when your vagina doesn't feel right. Vaginitis, characterized by discomfort, irritation, and odors, may be a sign of infection. The NxGen MDx Vaginosis Test can help your doctor determine the cause of your symptoms and provide a tailored treatment plan, getting you the relief you need.

Determining the Cause of Vaginitis Symptoms Can Be Challenging

Vaginitis can be caused by an imbalance of normal bacteria, yeast, or infectious pathogens such as STIs.
These types of infections have similar symptoms.

59% of patients with bacterial vaginosis have tried to self-treat before seeing their doctor, but most vaginal infections do not have over-the-counter treatment options.1

The NxGen Vaginosis Test looks for 99% of the causes of community-acquired vaginal infections, helping your doctor distinguish between different types of infections without relying on symptoms alone.

NxGen's test includes information on:

  • Bacterial vaginosis
  • Aerobic vaginitis
  • Yeast infections
  • STIs
  • Antibiotic resistance

NxGen is the Test of Choice, Even for Challenging Infections

Vaginal infections often recur and can be difficult for your doctor to effectively treat.

Ask your doctor about the NxGen Vaginosis Test for a fast solution to even the most complicated vaginitis cases.

NxGen Makes the Testing Process Quick and Easy

The NxGen Vaginosis Test uses a single swab to collect a sample from your vaginal wall. This test is quick, easy, and less invasive than a pap smear that requires a swab from your cervix.

When your doctor uses NxGen, you also get:

  • Results in 24 hours
  • Best-in-class customer service
  • An affordable test with our Access for All program

Leaving a Vaginal Infection Untreated May Lead to Further Health Complications

The NxGen Vaginosis Test helps your doctor resolve your infection and reduce the risk of further health complications.

Don’t wait to call your doctor if something feels wrong.

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