NxGen MDx Employer Site Testing (NEST) Program

In order to assist your organization's ongoing safety protocols to combat COVID-19, we have created the NxGen Employer Site Testing Program (NEST) to address your testing needs. The NEST Program offers flexibility for your organization; whether you are tracking symptomatic and/or exposed individuals or wish to perform surveillance testing, our NEST Program is ready and adaptable.

Looking for a partner in creating a safe and healthy workplace for your employees?

Our secure and easy-to-use ordering interface is designed to maximize operational efficiency, so you can get back to what you do best.

Ordering tests and receiving results is easy with our CareEvolve ordering portal!

  • Saves valuable staff time
  • Eliminates duplicate data entry
  • Eliminates Errors
  • Easy to use

This electronic, end-to-end workflow is key to eliminating errors, freeing up your time, and delivering accessible results. Additionally, the portal is platform independent and requires no configuration of end user hardware.

Make CareEvolve Work for You

  • Direct to employee result distribution option
  • Quickly review, print, or track data
  • Mass result downloads
  • Individual or cumulative report capability
  • Results anywhere - mobile and smart Device compatible

Test Options Available

  • PCR Testing - 24 Hour Turnaround Time
  • Rapid Antigen Testing - 30 minute Turnaround Time


NxGen managed or self-collection options makes the process quick and easy. Ordering provider services are available


Samples and supplies are picked up and delivered with no extra hassle


Upon arrival, samples are analyzed using industry leading technology


Results will be reported within 24 hours of receipt for PCR and 30 minutes for antigen


From site monitoring to exceptional customer service, our commitment goes beyond the lab

CDC COVID-19 Guidelines for Businesses