Improving Reproductive Outcomes Through NatalCare

At NxGen MDx, we develop tests that focus on providing better pregnancy and newborn outcomes through our curation philosophy called NatalCare. We follow evidence-based societal guidelines to ensure that our products provide actionable results that help providers see patients through their reproductive journeys.

How NatalCare Impacts Our Products

Carrier Screening
For Carrier Screening, NatalCare Means...
  • Actionable results to facilitate informed decisions
  • Equitable care through ethnicity-neutral panel design
  • Increased identification of at-risk couples
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    Non-Invasive Prenatal Screening (NIPS)
    For NIPS, NatalCare Means...
  • >99% of patients receive results
  • Reducing the need for invasive prenatal diagnostic procedures
  • Providing results that facilitate informed pregnancy decisions
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    Hereditary Cancer Testing
    For Hereditary Cancer Testing, NatalCare Means...
  • Testing for conditions that may harm your patient’s reproductive health
  • Providing board-certified genetic counseling to support patients through their diagnoses
  • Identifying patients who may benefit from PGT-M for cancer-associated genes
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    Preimplantation Genetic Testing (PGT)
    For PGT, NatalCare Mean...
  • Maximizing the number of transferable embryos
  • PGT-M coverage for carrier couples who are at risk for a genetic condition per one of NxGen MDx’s carrier screening panels
  • One of the lowest aneuploidy rates in the field
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    Urinary Tract Infection Testing (UTI)
    For UTI Testing, NatalCare Means...
  • Screening pregnant women as they are at increased risk for UTIs
  • Preventing progression to more serious infections such as pyelonephritis
  • Avoiding fetal complications such as low birth weight or premature labor
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    Vaginitis Testing
    For Vaginitis Testing, NatalCare Means...
  • Avoiding fetal complications caused by untreated STIs and aerobic vaginitis
  • Promoting a healthy vaginal microbiome for optimal IVF outcomes
  • Including routine prenatal testing for group B strep
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