About Us

The NxGen MDX office and laboratory is centered within Grand Rapids’ prestigious medical corridor to offer our patients the very best and brightest of the genetics field. Known for drawing researchers, scientists, and patients from all over the world, this hub of medical knowledge ensures our reliable, advanced methodologies stay ahead of the curve.

As a proud Michigan-based company, we source our equipment and supplies from the United States.

  • Founded in 2012.
  • Located in downtown Grand Rapids, Michigan.
  • 2015 Awardee for Michigan 50 Companies To Watch.
About Us

Best-in-class Science for Unmatched Accuracy

Since our founding, we have continually updated our technologies to keep pace with advances in genetic research and screening techniques. Our screens rely on next-generation sequencing that delivers over 99% clinical detection rate for many conditions. This powerful technique looks at entire coding regions of genes rather than the abbreviated sequencing or genotyping techniques used by other genetic screening companies. And because we detect genetic pathogenic variants that can be missed by abbreviated screening technologies, you can count on your NxGen screening results to give you a highly accurate, comprehensive assessment of your true risk — and ultimately, better outcomes for you and your family’s future.

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Our Genetic Counselors

The NxGen MDx Genetic Counseling Program offers phone-based confidential information and resources to individuals who have questions about their NxGen MDx carrier screening results.

A genetic counselor is available to speak with your patients about:

  • Benefits of carrier screening
  • Family history and inheritance patterns
  • NxGen MDx carrier testing results
  • Carrier testing options for a partner or other family members
  • What carrier testing results mean for a current or future pregnancy
  • Referral to a local genetic counselor or other support services
  • Resources and current research

Your patients can call 1-855-776-9436 to schedule an appointment with a genetic counselor or use our web-based scheduling system to schedule an appointment at their convenience.

Our Genetic Counselors

Our Support Staff

When working with NxGen MDx, your patients have access to our experienced support staff ready to help with questions related to billing, insurance coverage, and more by calling us at (855) 776-9436 or clicking the link below. Patients should direct all questions related to billing by contacting us directly.

Our Support Staff

Make a Difference with a Challenging Career

NxGen MDx focuses on helping young families get a good start in life by delivering best-in-class genetic carrier screening. Our commitment to families doesn’t end with our clientele — it is also focused on our employees. Nominated as one of the Best Young Companies to Work For, NxGen provides bright opportunities awaiting talented individuals seeking to pursue a career in the genetic testing field. By delivering a healthy work-life balance, and a fun team environment, we continue to build a solid foundation around our best thinking, while delivering cutting-edge products to physicians throughout the United States. And we're always looking for curious, passionate, and entrepreneurial individuals to join us.