NxGen Informed Prenatal Screen

NxGen MDx’s Informed Prenatal Screen is a non-invasive prenatal screen (NIPS) that uses whole-genome sequencing to identify pregnancies at risk of fetal aneuploidy. The Informed Prenatal Screen provides patients with a result they can have confidence in.

NxGen Informed Prenatal Screen

Accurate Screening for All Pregnancies

  • High sensitivity and specificity regardless of age, ethnicity, or BMI
  • No restrictions for ART pregnancies, egg donors, surrogates, or bone marrow/organ transplant recipients
  • Low “no-call” (assay failure) rate (0.3%) means fewer unnecessary diagnostic procedures

Common Trisomies & Sex Chromosomes (Standard)

The Informed Prenatal Screen looks at the these conditions

  • Trisomy 21 (Down Syndrome)
  • Trisomy 18 (Edwards Syndrome)
  • Trisomy 13 (Patau Syndrome)
  • Fetal sex (Including individual fetal sex calling for twin pregnancies!)
  • Monosomy X (Turner Syndrome)
  • Trisomy X (Triple X Syndrome)
  • XXY Syndrome (Klinefelter Syndrome)
  • XYY Syndrome (Jacob’s Syndrome)

Further Screening Options (Upon Request)

Expanded Aneuploidy Analysis

Expanded aneuploidy analysis may offer insight into pregnancies with fetal growth restriction or unexplained ultrasound abnormalities.


  • 22q11.2 (DiGeorge Syndrome)
  • 15q11.2 (Angelman/Prader-Willi Syndrome)
  • 1p36 Deletion Syndrome
  • 4p (Wolf-Hirschhorn Syndrome)
  • 5p (Cri-du-chat Syndrome)

Superior Platform, Superior Screen

Whole Genome Sequencing (WGS) Minimizes Unnecessary Invasive Procedures

Prenatal Screening with WGS has a significantly lower no-call rate than prenatal screening using a single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) based methodology. Having a low no-call rate reduces the number of invasive procedures that are needed and decreases your patients’ anxiety.

Actionable Results for All Your Patients

We use a whole genome sequencing (WGS) platform because we believe that all patients deserve an NIPS result that they can rely on.

Individual Fetal Sex Determination for Twins

NxGen MDx can determine the sex of both fetuses in the case of a twin pregnancy.

High 22q11.2 Positive Predictive Value

NxGen MDx Informed Prenatal Screen’s positive predictive value (PPV) is 90.0% for 22q11.2 deletion syndrome

Connect Your Patients with a Certified Genetic Counselor

When you work with us, you and your patients will have access to a team of board-certified genetic counselors. Our counselors are available to discuss the results of screens and what they mean. Patients can discuss their results by scheduling an available time that’s convenient for them.

Connect Your Patients with a Certified Genetic Counselor

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