NxGen Informed Prenatal Test (NIPT)

The NxGen Informed Prenatal Test sheds much-needed light on the risk for certain chromosomal conditions for your pregnancy — providing the reassurance of reliable answers no other screening test can. It does not carry the risk of complications that invasive procedures do.

NxGen Informed Prenatal Test (NIPT)

What Is It?

The NxGen MDx Informed Prenatal Test is a non-invasive prenatal screen (NIPT) that can determine with a high degree of accuracy whether your baby may be at risk for certain conditions. With the NxGen Informed Prenatal Test, you will know more about your baby's risk in order to make an informed decision and weigh the benefits and risks of an invasive procedure.

NxGen Informed Prenatal Test screens for the following genetic disorders:

  • Down Syndrome — Caused by an extra copy of Chromosome 21. 1 in 737 babies are born with Down syndrome.
  • Edwards Syndrome — Caused by an extra copy of Chromosome 18. 1 in 3788 babies are born with Edwards syndrome.
  • Patau Syndrome — Caused by an extra copy of Chromosome 13. 1 in 7784 babies are born with Patau syndrome.

Who Should Take It?

  • Any woman of advanced maternal age at time of delivery (35 years or older at delivery for a singleton pregnancy or 32 years or older at delivery for a twin pregnancy)
  • Anyone whose maternal serum screen is “positive” or abnormal
  • Anyone whose ultrasound reveals abnormalities suggestive of a common chromosome condition
  • Anyone with a personal or family history that indicates a higher risk for trisomies 21, 18, 13, or other sex chromosome aneuploidies

Why NxGen?

Our laboratory uses massively parallel shotgun sequencing to analyze cell-free DNA present in maternal plasma. The test is validated for pregnancies with gestational age of at least 10 weeks. Our NIPT has one of the lowest failure rates at 0.3% and is not impacted by high body mass index. It requires only a simple blood draw and provides reliable estimation of risk for the most common chromosomal abnormalities.

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