NxGen MDx implements AMI tagging to track samples, preventing lab errors

Grand Rapids, MI, July 9, 2018 – NxGen MDx announced the development and implementation of a new method of DNA tagging to track samples and prevent laboratory errors. Active molecular identification (AMI) tagging uses synthetic DNA to tag a patient’s sample at the beginning of the testing process.

“Laboratory errors occur in every medical lab across the world. NxGen MDx employs a robust physical tracking system to ensure specimen integrity throughout the testing process; however, it is important for all laboratories to acknowledge that no system is foolproof. AMI tagging provides the ultimate check of a laboratory’s specimen tracking system and ensures that patients receive the most accurate results possible,” said Jonathan Karnes, Vice President of Scientific Operations at NxGen MDx.

AMI tagging repeatedly identifies and connects the initial patient specimen to the final test results, limiting the possibility for human error and sample mix-ups. The synthetic DNA of the AMI tag accompanies the patient’s sample throughout the testing process. NxGen MDx carried out extensive validation studies to ensure that the unique DNA sequences in AMI tags do not affect testing.

About NxGen MDx
NxGen MDx LLC is a leading women’s health company delivering highly accurate and precise genetic screening that detects genetic diseases or abnormalities and helps families make informed decisions. Unlike other laboratories, NxGen MDx’s technology examines the entire gene rather than parts of the gene, giving families a comprehensive assessment of their true risk. NxGen MDx is based in Grand Rapids, Michigan. To learn more, visit the company’s website at www.nxgenmdx.com.