At the heart of Medical Mile.

The NxGen MDX office and laboratory is centered within Grand Rapids’ prestigious medical corridor to offer our patients the very best and brightest of the genetics field. Known for drawing researchers, scientists and patients from all over the world, this hub of medical knowledge ensures our reliable, advanced methodologies stay ahead of the curve.

As a proud Michigan-based company, we source our equipment and supplies from the United States.

  • Founded in 2012.
  • Located in downtown Grand Rapids, Michigan.
  • Utilizing a 5,000 square foot facility in American Seating Park.
  • 2015 Awardee for Michigan 50 Companies To Watch.

Best-In-Class science for the most accurate results.

By utilizing state-of-the-art technology, commonly referred to as Next Generation Sequencing, we have been able to provide the most accurate genetic testing available.

When testing, our laboratory analyzes all of the coding DNA in a gene to determine if any disease causing mutations are present. By sequencing all of the coding DNA in a gene, instead of just a portion, we are able to offer the most accurate genetic testing available, regardless of your ethnicity. The majority of laboratories are only sequencing a portion of the gene leaving room for error with missed mutations, especially when testing a variety of ethnicities. By sequencing the entire gene, NxGen MDx testing eliminates the doubt in a negative result and drastically reducing the residual risk, regardless of ethnicity.

Now you can plan with confidence.

dna strand